Amazing, Justin Timberlake Marine Corps Ball

Amazing, Justin Timberlake Marine Corps Ball – Justin Timberlake accepted an invitation in July to attend the Marine Corps Ball, and last night the star kept his word.

Amazing, Justin Timberlake Marine Corps Ball

On Saturday, Timberlake escorted Cpl. Kelsey De Santis to the Marine gala at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia. Timberlake wrote about “the honor and privilege” he had attending the ball.

Justin TimberlakeHe said, “I’ve always been very vocal about my support of our Armed Forces. Of his date De Santis, Timberlake noted, “She seemed to me to be so humble and honest… Very cool. It’s not every day that I meet a 23 year old girl and she’s more worried about if I’m having fun or if I’m comfortable! Timberlake said he “laughed and laughed” with the Marines at his table, but was mostly “moved” by the evening’s speeches and tributes. Ensuring our freedom, I say: My deepest gratitude to you. I’ve met so many of my heroes… From Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson. Last night changed my life and I will never forget it.”

Justin Timberlake in Marine Corps Ball

Timberlake further asked, “To people like me who get to benefit from this type of person… With strength and bravery. With humility and honor… I say: Send your thanks. Write a letter, type an email… Hell, buy ‘em a beer next time you run into someone from our Armed Forces in a bar. “Thank you Corporal Kelsey De Santis,” concluded the superstar. “Thank you for inviting me. Not long afterwards, Timberlake was asked at a press conference for Friends with Benefits about the video invitation (VIDEO below), and he said, “I’ll tell you what: I accept.”
What do you think about Timberlake’s experience at the Marines Corps Ball?

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