David Nelson celebrates touchdown with Cowboys cheerleader

David Nelson celebrates touchdown with Cowboys cheerleader – David Nelson, a native Texan and wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills promised his girlfriend Kelsi Reich that he’d do something ‘special’ if he scored a touchdown against the Cowboys. Did I mention that she was a cheerleader for the Cowboys?

David Nelson celebrates touchdown with Cowboys cheerleader

“It was a special moment to share with her,” Nelson, who scored the Bills’ only touchdown in a 44-7 loss, told The Associated Press. “I didn’t want it to be awkward. She knew it was coming; I don’t think she knew what was coming.

After he received a pass for a TD, Nelson delivered running across the field to embrace the opposing team’s cheerleader and, to make matters even more awkward, present her with the touchdown ball.

“If it would have been a better situation, I would have done a little more,” added Nelson, who said an on-field marriage proposal wasn’t in his plans. “Being down 14, I’m not going to go to celebrate too much.”

Buffalo Bills’ David Nelson Hugs And Gives Game Ball To Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Girlfriend After Touchdown

Celebrating a touchdown in the NFL with yoru teammates or the fans or the coaches is one thing. Some players even like to get a little creative and celebrate with the cheerleaders if they’re in the right mood. But Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver David Nelson decided to celebrate with his touchdown on Sunday with a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys.

Nelson and the Cowboys actually got destroyed 44-7 by the Cowboys, but the lone touchdown for Buffalo was celebrated in a strange but cute way.

After catching the second quarter score from Ryan Fitzpatrick, Nelson immediately ran over to his girlfriend who is a member of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. Nelson hugged Kelsi Reisch and then gave her the football.

At least there was something for the people of Buffalo to smile about on Sunday.

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